The potential benefits of outsourcing can be enormous for a company, not only to lower its costs and increase its sales revenues, but to also free up capital for use in other key areas and generally refocus on main goal, which is selling and originating loans! The budget associated with supporting an in-house mortgage processor can be costly.

- Overhead or business paperwork
- Costs for association and organization memberships
- Pre-determined hours
- Employee benefits (health, dental, vision, employee assistance program, tuition reimbursement, etc.)
- Possible expense reimbursement(meals, travel)
- Specific and/or limited responsibility
- Performance incentives and bonuses
- Retirement or pension plan
- Set salary with periodic increases
- Constant Training

Advanced Pipeline Solutions can help whether your in-house mortgage loan processors need temporary relief during the busy times, or you require a fulltime contract loan processing company. We offer a quality customer service that will help you build your business and increase your profits.