Whether you're a Financial Institution who needs relief during high-volume periods, or a small mortgage broker that wants to ease the expense of an in-house mortgage processor, we can help you get your loans to close promptly.

Why Contract Loan Processing?
Rely on a specialist with an in-depth knowledge of mortgage loan processing
Shorten closing cycles and get paid sooner
Increase the number of loans closed
Avoid advertising, hiring and training mortgage processing staff
Decrease office space
Increase borrower satisfaction
Keep current with HMDA reporting requirements
Utilize a company designed around the workflow of processing

What is your turnaround time?
We order services (appraisal, title, all verifications) within 24 hours of receiving the loan. From then on we anticipate when documents and information will be required and proactively collect them before they are due.

Do you contact the borrower?
It is up to you. For collecting additional documentation we are happy to work through you or contact the borrower directly. However for issues involving the terms of the loan, we ask the broker to communicate with the borrower personally.

How do I get my loan files to you?
You can schedule a pick up, fax, or email the loan file to us. We will confirm receipt and start working on it right away.

What happens if a loan doesn't close ?
There is no charge. We get paid when you do!