How are your leads generated?
Our exclusive mortgage leads are generated from our vast network of our own internet and affiliated sites. We also generate mortgage leads from our telemarketing call centers, and direct marketing campaigns.

What percentage of closing results should I expect?
An average closing ratio does not tell the whole tale, since motivated agents will close on leads that are sometimes wasted by another agent. It does not include the ratio of agents who receive filtered and unfiltered leads. We anticipate most loan officers to close between 5-10% & good loan officers to close 8%-20%. The results may vary, and remember that it is a "Numbers Game."

What is your policy on returning leads?
Leads will be replaced if it can be determined that it meets one of the following conditions: A) The Consumer has given us bad contact information (i.e. phone number not in service) B) The lead is a fictitious person or agent. C) The lead is a duplicate for one that you have already purchased on this website.

How will I receive my leads?
You will receive your exclusive mortgage leads via our Complete Lead Management System (CLMS®) When you purchase a lead from our Lead Marketplace it is automatically placed in your pipeline manager where you can download it into your loan software.

Can I cherry pick my leads?
Yes. Our leads are sold in REAL TIME from our *New* Lead Marketplace, where you can actually cherry pick whatever type of lead you are looking for.

How many times is your mortgage leads sold?
Every one of our mortgage leads is an exclusive lead so you can be assured that you will not compete with other mortgage professionals for the same property owner. When you purchase leads from our lead marketplace. The entire record is then removed to ensure exclusivity.

How are the leads qualified?
Our mortgage leads are qualified based on the amount of the information the consumer has provided to us. Leads are randomly screened by our call-center for accuracy. Our system rejects higher than normal LTV's, minimal loan amounts, and leads with missing contact information.

What payment methods are available?
We accept all major credit cards. Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. Special circumstances may permit an Electronic Wire Transfer, Checks, or other forms of payment.

How soon can I receive my leads?
Once your payment has been received. Within 12 hours, your order will be processed and credits will be deposited into your CLMS® account so that you can immediately begin your lead purchases.

Do you provide any other types of leads?
Yes. We provide targeted telemarketing and mailing lists completely customized for nearly any industry. Multiple filters can be applied to truly maximize your return on investment.

What are the criteria/filters I can choose?
You may filter your leads by any of the following criteria when cherry-picking your leads. Filters are no additional cost. You may filter by City, State, Loan Amount, Loan Type, & Credit Ratings.

How do I dispute a lead?
To dispute a lead for any reason, simply login to your CLMS® account. In your pipeline manager, click the details button on the lead you wish to dispute. Then click the "Dispute Lead" button in the top right corner. Simply fill out the request form to dispute the lead. Please allow up to two business days for lead replacements to be approved.

What information will I receive with the lead?
Our leads generally come loaded with over 61 fields of information, including SSN & DOB Data! However, if an individual fails to provide us with all the information we collect on our forms. We will provide you at minimum with at least the consumers contact info, loan amount, loan type, and City & State of the lead.